Risks of Selling My Endowment

Thank you for taking an interest in our endowment buying service. We hope to be able to make you a great offer for your unwanted endowment policy. Before we do this we would like to ensure that you understand some important information should you choose to take advantage of our offer.

By submitting your endowment policy details to us we are simply providing you with a quote for the amount we are willing to offer you for your endowment policy. It is entirely your decision whether you choose to sell your endowment policy to us.

By selling your endowment policy you may receive less money than if you were to hold the policy to maturity.

We offer you money to buy your endowment so that our investors can claim all rights and benefits provided by the policy. This means that we will continue to pay the premiums and will be entitled to the maturity value and any potential death benefit.

By selling your endowment policy you will lose the life insurance cover that the policy offers, the investors may claim any benefit on the policy in the event of the death of the named life assured. If you would still like to own life insurance cover we recommend you speak to an independent financial adviser.

By selling your endowment policy you will be giving up the right to any windfall payment due should the issuing life office demutualise.

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